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Reimagining Family & Work

Child mental health affects the productivity of working parents by impacting approximately 8 hours and up to 4 days of work per month.

Recent studies highlight the critical need for workplaces to become more family-inclusive:

Employee Wellbeing: Over 6,300 Australian parents and carers have reported significant fatigue, mental and physical health impacts due to the dual demands of work and caregiving responsibilities. This toll is increasing among parents of children aged 9-17 years.

Changing Parental Landscape: Children are facing increasing mental health challenges. 72% of parents report a decline in their child’s emotional state in the past year. 1 in 5 children aged 9-17 may have a diagnosable psychiatric disorder. 1 in 3 teens experience anxiety disorders. Increased youth mental health challenges, declining school attendance rates and a rise in homeschooling are putting unprecedented pressures on working parents.

Employee Preferences: Employees express a strong preference for working in organisations that acknowledge and support their family responsibilities and wellbeing needs.


How We Can Help

Initiative Development and Implementation: Standing Strong collaborates with employers to develop comprehensive initiatives that address the needs of working families and increase levels of workplace support, connection and care.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support: Recognising the stress parenting places on employees, Standing Strong offers programs and initiatives that provide mental health and wellbeing education and support to parents and their families.

Inclusive Initiatives: Our initiatives aim to create a more inclusive workplace culture that values and supports the contributions of employees with families. This includes creating support networks, providing access to family resources, and promoting a culture of understanding and empathy.

Benefits of a Family Inclusive Workplace

Increased Employee Engagement: Employees who feel supported in balancing work and family responsibilities are more engaged and productive.

Reduced Turnover: Family-friendly policies and practices reduce employee turnover by increasing job satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhanced Employer Reputation: Organisations known for their family-inclusive practices attract top talent and gain a competitive advantage in the labor market.

Improved Mental and Physical Health: Supporting employees’ family responsibilities leads to better overall health and wellbeing, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs.

Creating A New Workplace Culture

Standing Strong is committed to helping employers create family-inclusive workplaces that support the wellbeing and productivity of their employees.

Together, we aim to build stronger, more supportive workplaces and create a work environments where employees thrive, families are supported, and organisations grow.

For more information on how Standing Strong can assist your organisation in becoming a family-friendly workplace, please contact us.

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Mental health is the single greatest health crisis facing teens and families today. Depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and poor body-image are at the forefront of this crisis.

Our unique services encourage children and teens to develop the mindsets and skills known to prevent social and health issues including depression, anxiety, stress, disconnection and lack of motivation and drive. At Standing Strong, all children are accepted, encouraged and celebrated for their individuality and uniqueness by our specialised team and fellow Standing Strong members.

Through the support and accessibility of our ongoing programs, parents can feel reassured knowing they are not alone and are being supported by a heart centred team, as the saying goes- “It takes a Village to raise a child”.

Through face to face and online programs, our purpose is to provide families and communities with affordable, professional and inclusive services that help to equip children with the confidence, connection and support needed to face the world Standing Strong!




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