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    At Standing Strong we are focused on building strong, healthy and long lasting relationships.


Face the World Standing STRONG!

Welcome to STRONG!

Our goal was to create an online space where young people could connect, share, grow, learn and be inspired together, at any time and in any location.

We wanted to provide a happy place where young people could be encouraged to be themselves and empowered to be their best, without the fear or judgement that comes with many other online spaces.

We feel honoured to be able to provide this space and hope it brings great comfort, support and empowerment to young people and families from many communities around the world.


The internet is an incredible resource available to children all over the world. When used correctly, it has the ability to positively influence and change lives.

With the focus on knowledge, connection, fun and support STRONG has been developed to utilise the benefits of the internet while also putting family’s best interests first.

STRONG is a place where children and families can learn new skills, make friends, join special interest groups, watch inspiring videos, listen to relaxing and motivational audios, journal, share their experiences and much more.

On STRONG we help young people to:

  • Feel encouraged and supported for who they are, just the way they are!
  • See themselves and their bodies in a positive and empowered way
  • Understand how self-care and self-love can help to improve confidence, self-esteem and body-image
  • Build resilience from the pressures of bullying and the opinions of others
  • Build resilience to embrace their own individuality and uniqueness
  • Become more accepting and supportive of others
  • Build self awareness and emotional smarts
  • Improve health and wellbeing
  • Build self-belief, inner strength and positive decision making

When you become a member on STRONG children and families gain access to:

Support & Connection

Join our tribe of young people and families from around the world! It’s a special place where no one has to feel left out, lonely, worried or judged. At STRONG we’re all in it together to support and uplift each other.

Empowering Online Courses

STRONG includes an online Academy of courses for young people and families to learn and grow. This is the place to empower young people in mind, body and heart from the comfort of their own homes. Please note this does not include Live Streaming classes with personal Instructors – For Live Streaming Programs CLICK HERE


Inspiring, educational and funny videos to help young people feel motivated and supported. Our video selection helps young people to open their minds, learn new ways of doing things, laugh, cry, grow and feel empowered for life. STRONG TV includes video such as nutrition, mind health, body health, self care, motivation DIY activities, school support, career advice and much more.


STRONG Tunes offers a variety of motivating, educational, funny and inspiring audios. STRONG Tunes include visualisations, guided meditations, topics of discussion, interviews and podcasts.

STRONG Journal

A place where young people can express themselves. A place to write their feelings, express their passions and interests and share their thoughts. Journals can be kept private or be shared with friends in the STRONG community.

Wellness Directory – Coming Soon!

STRONG includes a health and wellness service directory. The service directory includes businesses and resource centres who can help children and families in relations to health and wellbeing. The service directory has a search option to help parents and children find the right support for their needs and location.

And much, much more…

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For more information on STRONG click on the Parent Guidelines. STRONG offers both a paid full access membership option as well as a free limited access option.

We can’t wait to see you on STRONG!

Limited Time Offer - Join for FREE Today!

Join our motivating, supportive and empowering Online Community today…