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Self-Love is Not Selfish!

Hello beautiful girls! Do you sometimes feel like doing nice things or saying nice things to yourself is a bit out of the ordinary for you? Well you are not the only one. It is so normal for teen girls these days to compliment other people, go out of our way to do kind things for friends, but when it comes to treating ourselves or speaking to ourselves… well let’s be honest… it can be quite negative! Now this may have something to do with our lack of self-esteem or confidence, BUT these are definitely things we can change!

Why do you think that is? Why do you think that we do not place high importance on our self-esteem?  Should we not be as kind to ourselves as we are to our friends? What stops us from being kind to ourselves? Well girls, believe it or not that’s kind of simple….it’s us! We are the only ones standing in the way of how we treat ourselves!


We thought we would put together a few tips of how to practice self-love and build on your self-esteem:

START with how you talk to yourself. Girls when you look in that mirror, or see that grade on your test or assignment, don’t be so tough on yourself! If you’re not happy with something, treat it as something you’re working on, a work in progress!

Take time out to REST. We forget sometimes how important rest is for us to function! Sleeping is a treat to yourself for sure! It is so common that how we feel about ourselves or our self-esteem, is effected by the amount of sleep we get.

Take time out to do things that make your HEART HAPPY! Go for a walk on the beach, hang out with friends that make you smile, play with animals (not wild ones please!), exercise (If that’s your thing), eat a bit of that cake or chocolate, go see that girly movie or just veg out on the couch if that’s what you need!

REMIND yourself of just how awesome you are and how hard you’re trying! Write yourself little encouragement notes at night, pop them next to your bed and let that be the first thing you see in the morning! This is bound to give you a boost of confidence for your day!

LOVE yourself in the same way that you would love a bestie! Remember when you were younger and you used to write cute notes to your best friend…telling them how much you love them and how amazing they are!? Well…we challenge you to do this for yourself! Write yourself cute notes/letters, keep them somewhere safe, and when you’re not feeling too amazing about life, get them out and have a read! This is sure to give your self-esteem a boost!


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Girls, remember, it is almost “normal” now to be unkind to yourself… let’s break that trend! Be the girl who loves herself, who is kind to herself, who is proud of how far she has come and who treats herself the same way she would treat her best friend!

If you’d like more tips, tricks, videos and inspiration when it comes to self-love, self-esteem and being kind to yourself, head over to our Standing Strong Club Site to unlimited access daily inspo! www.standingstrong.club

Self-Love is Not Selfish!