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What is Self-Harm?

Self harm, behavior, overwhelmed, emotion, teen, self-care

Hi beautiful girls, now we know the topic of self-harm can be a hard one to talk about and a bit confronting to bring up…BUT it is a topic you may hear about at school, at home or in other environments around other teens.

Let’s cover the basics:

What is Self-harm?

  • Self-harm is described as people hurting their bodies on purpose.
  • Common types of self harm are; Cutting (skin on thighs/arms/wrists), repetitive picking at wounds and scars, self-hitting, burning the skin, or overdosing on medication, drugs or other harmful substances DELIBERATELY.
  • According to Headspace Australia around 10% of adolescents say they have self-harmed at least once.

For some teens the self-harm may be a one-off behavior, but for others it may become a repetitive behavior and rather difficult to stop!

Why do People Self-harm?

  • It is common for teens/adolescents to self-harm in reaction to intense emotional pain or a feeling of being overwhelmed with emotion.
  • For some teens that self-harm, this may seem like the only option to offer temporary relief, however it is not a long-term solution to their struggles with emotions.
Self harm, behavior, overwhelmed, emotion, teen, self-care

Now that we have covered the basics girls, let’s dive into why self-harm is not a productive behavior:

Self-harm is a physical act that may help the body to feel something different than those overwhelming emotions someone may be experiencing… this physical act results in scars or damage to someone’s body. Seeing those scars and damage may be a physical reminder that you are in fact going through a really tough time…let’s face it, you probably don’t need any more reminders of those painful feelings right?

Girls it is so common to feel overwhelmed and as though your emotions are taking over your body. In these moments make sure you are being kind to yourself. Self-care at these times of struggle is so important. For more tips and ideas on self-care and self-love routines head on over to our other blogs and check out our “self-love isn’t selfish” piece. Standing String’s club site also has some beautiful videos and inspiration for treating ourselves kindly: www.standingstrong.club

If you are in need of some guidance or help with a self-harm behavior you are experiencing, or even worried about a friend’s self-harm behaviors please speak to an adult your trust.

Below are a couple of useful numbers and websites that provide support for these sorts of self-harm related issues:

Headspace Australia: https://headspace.org.au/


Kids Helpline: https://kidshelpline.com.au/

1800 55 1800

What is Self-Harm?