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STRONG Parents Podcast – Episode 5

Recovering from Emotional Surges & Outbursts

Counsellors Kim Marie Smith and Erika Shaw are the creators of Standing Strong, a holistic health and wellness program for children and teens. With over fifteen years of experience working with children and families, Kim and Riki share their insight, experience and expertise in this entertaining and supportive podcast.

If you’re a parent looking for support and you believe in taking a village approach to raising children, this is the podcast for you!

In this weeks episode we offer support to parents who are trying to help their child learn more effective ways to express and work through heightened emotions.

As parents, we often become the target of our children’s emotional surges. This can be difficult, especially if our children turn their emotions onto us. For parents, our role is to guide and support our children to work through their emotions, this is often easier said than done.
In this weeks episode we help parents to bounce back after emotional outbursts and explain the importance of communication in creating new habits with expressing emotions.
We explore the importance of revisiting difficult situations once emotions have settled, in order to help our children with emotional regulation.

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