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Heart Beat is a beautifully soothing class which includes a variety of techniques including therapeutic breathing, mindfulness exercises, stress management and guided meditation.

Heart Beat helps to assist with reducing anxiety, improving concentration, encouraging self-love, boosting self-esteem and self-awareness, along with enhancing a greater sense of inner strength and peacefulness.

This class is the perfect way for girls to switch off their worries and tune into their own Heart Beat, as we dim the lights, light our candles, relax on our mats and close our eyes.


  • Reduces stress, anxiety and worry
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation
  • Breath control & muscle relaxation techniques
  • Improves sleep and quietening of the mind
  • Improves immune system and energy levels
  • Helps with mental clarity and focus
  • Encourages self care & self love
  • Improves self esteem, self awareness and resilience


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