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    At Standing Strong we are focused on building strong, healthy and long lasting relationships.

Girl Talk provides girls with a place to chat and connect with each other. During Girl Talk girls explore and learn new ways to deal with issues or problems they may be facing in a supportive and trusting environment. Topics for our Girl Talk classes are based around feedback and requests directly and anonymously from the girls.

During our comforting and fun Girl Talk classes, girls are encouraged to support each other, build trust, loyalty, understanding and compassion. Our Girl Talk classes are facilitated by our counsellors, psychologists and life coaches and are a great way for girls to open up about their thoughts and feelings in a safe and comforting place.


  • Provides support & connection
  • Improves resilience & self-esteem
  • Helps with loneliness, sadness & life challenges
  • Provides an open space to share and relate
  • Helps with school stress & pressure
  • Helps with bullying and friendship challenges
  • Provides support for family & relationship challenges
  • Helps with body image and body insecurities


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