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    At Standing Strong we are focused on building strong, healthy and long lasting relationships.


Junior Club: Our Junior Club is for girls aged 8-10 years and is a 9 week term based program. Each term coincided with the school term and starts on the first Saturday after school goes back. Each term is slightly different so this program is excellent as an ongoing experience and girls can join in any term. 

Teen Club: Our Teen Club is for girls aged 10-17 year and is an ongoing timetable of classes. Girls select which classes they would like to attend based on their interests and needs. No classes are compulsory and girls can take part in as little as one class per week or as many as they would like. Our classes are categorized into Strong Mind, Strong Body and Strong Heart, we recommend girls trying classes in all three categories. Senior classes run throughout the year including during school holidays and are not term based.

Online Club: Our online Club is a brand new exciting option which will support and inspire girls no matter where they live. Stay tuned for our big Online Club launch coming soon!

Standing Strong Popups: SSPops (as we like to call them) are popup classes held in different locations outside the Club for girls aged 10-17 years. SSPops are a great way for girls to try our classes and meet other happy, healthy and inspired girls in their community, town or city. SSPops are a fun and empowering way for girls to be a part of Standing Strong on a more casual basis. Want an SSPop in your town or school? Contact us today!

Yes. For the best results we recommend (where possible) for girls take to part in classes from all three categories of Strong Mind, Strong Body and Strong Heart, however, this is not essential. Girls are welcome to choose which ever class suits their individual interests and needs. 

  • We are a team of experts offering the best quality health and wellbeing information for girls. 
  • We know how to connect with girls the right way to inspire and empower them to be their best. 
  • Our community of support ensures girls feel comfortable and welcome, and our ‘Club’ approach helps girls to feel like they belong. 
  • We offer a range of classes and options which enabling girls to try different things while still being a part of one program.
  • We have flexible program options including Club classes, pop up classes and online classes.
  • We are realistic in terms of the time it takes to develop new skills, mindsets and positive habits. We are not a quick fix solution and instead focus on consistency, accessibility and positive long lasting results.

Yes definitely! Many of our girls suffer with Anxiety and this is something we are very sensitive to. We help all girls to feel comfortable, welcomed and at ease. We pride ourselves in our Duty of Care and commitment to supporting all girls. For girls who are suffering with Anxiety we ensure they are set up with a Buddy Mentor and work at their individual comfort level.

Yes, we can definitely support your daughter. The challenge we may come across is if your daughter is withdrawing and does not want to be a part of a group setting, which often happens with depression. We offer a very positive and uplifting environment and it is our responsibility to maintain this for the group as a whole. We love supporting girls who are having difficult times, however we are aware that we can’t always support everyone to the level they may need. Standing Strong is an excellent way to offer your daughter a positive and uplifting environment and if she is suffering from Depression additional support through our one to one sessions would be a beneficial option. 

Of course! We welcome every girl into our Club. In the best interest of your daughter we would offer her a free trial to see how she likes it and to see if it’s a positive fit for her. Our Club Manager would give you individual advice and support and look at the best options with you.

Yes! Standing Strong is a preventive and pro-active program. We are designed to support girls before they have any major health and wellbeing challenges. Standing Strong works best when girls join before any difficult time start, this way they can build a strong support network and feel empowered and confident if and when challenges occur. 

Girls can be hesitant and or resistant when considering Standing Strong. This is primarily to do with their past experiences with groups of girls they don’t know. It can be very overwhelming and out of their comfort zone, especially if they don’t know anyone at the Club. We always say to parents, if you can get your daughter to the Club we can support her from there, the toughest challenge may be getting her to the Club’. Once girls see first hand what our Club and classes are like, they love it- They just need to over come that initial fear and that’s where parents can help.

Initially we recommend girls come to Standing Strong on their own. We find if girls come with a friend they can be hesitant to interact and connect with the other girls and tend to stay close to their friend. As Standing Strong is a very empowering space where girls have the opportunity to freely explore their own identity and individuality, we find girls tend to benefit more when they come on their own. We find it gives them a sense of freedom to open up and explore their own identity as well as connect with the other girls. Although we recommend girls come on their own, they are of course welcome to come with a friend. 

Our Teen Club stays open during the holidays except for two weeks over the Christmas and New Years break. Our Junior Club is closed during the holidays. We are also closed on public holidays and the Easter long weekend.

Most girls feel this way and worry when they think about coming to Standing Strong for the first time. This is normal and understandable. We have a very close, positive and uplifting culture at Standing Strong and our girls are always so supportive and welcoming of new girls. If you daughter is worried she wont fit in, all you need to do is bring her along so we can show her how lovely, kind and welcoming our Club is. 

It’s no problem at all if your daughter doesn’t like fitness, no classes at Standing Strong are compulsory. We offer a variety of classes to suit most interests and likes. Your daughter is welcome to try one of our ‘non-fitness’ classes such at Heart Beat, Stepping Up, Girl Talk or Creative Me. 

One of the many great things about Standing Strong is that no one ever has to say or do anything they don’t want to. Your daughter can easily be a part of our classes without sharing her own experiences. We find most girls are hesitant at first but once they feel comfortable and experience how comforting, kind and supportive our staff and girls are, they soon feel comfortable to open up and connect. This is all done in their own time though, when and if they feel ready. 

Standing Strong is a pro-active and preventative program and is designed to support and educate girls before they experience major challenges. Unfortunately, we have found girls who are experiencing major challenges often feel they need greater one to one support than what we can offer in our group classes. As we have a strong Duty of Care to everyone at Standing Strong it is our responsibility to make sure everyone feels comfortable and happy, this includes girls with and without major challenges. We would recommend you consider one to one sessions for your daughter or would be happy to refer you to another program which can offer more specialised support. 

We have many girls who come along who are shy or introverted. We are very sensitive to this and understand an extra level of comfort and gentleness is required. We love welcoming shyer girls and always do our best to help girls feel comfortable and welcomed. There are no expectations and girls never have to talk or interact at a level they are not comfortable with. For example if you’re daughter would just like to sit in a bean bag and watch until she feels comfortable that’s totally ok, our staff and girls understand and fully support this.

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