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High School Here I Come! Workshop

Wednesday, Jan 30, 2019

10:00am – 3:00pm

High School Here I Come! Workshop for Boys & Girls

Starting High School for the first time can be one of the most overwhelming experiences children go through. Everything they have known about school is about to change. All their comforts and understandings of school will disappear as they transition into a new, more grown up world. Children go from being the leaders of Primary School to starting all over again, learning a whole new set of expectations, rules, social politics, study pressures and responsibilities. The world of High School has never been so complex and the need to support our children has never been so great.
At Standing Strong we receive calls each year from parents asking for help as their children struggle to adjust to their new world of High School. We are incredibly excited to launch this new workshop, designed specifically to help students transition from Primary School to High School.

Through this fun and interactive Workshop participants will learn:

  • How to manage stress, anxiety and study pressures
  • How to adjust to change and embrace new experiences
  • How to build confidence with making new friends
  • How to protect themselves from the pressures of bullying and the opinions of others
  • How to feel strong and empowered to speak up and express their thoughts, values and opinions
  • How to build resilience and learn how to embrace their own individuality and uniqueness
  • How to be more accepting and supportive of other peoples differences and how this reflects the way they feel about themselves
  • How movement, mindset, mindfulness and self-care can have a powerful impact on building a strong sense of self

This full day workshop is jam packed with exciting and interactive activities to help students feel happy, energised and inspired to start High School! Workshop components include:

Strong Body: Movement

Students will get their bodies moving as we learn how to make exercise and movement fun! This component of the workshop is designed to help students feel more comfortable with their own bodies, build a positive connection with exercise and learn how movement is an effective stress management tool. This is a high energy session which will leave students feeling motivated and inspired to move.

Strong Mind: Mindset

Students will explore topics on confidence, resilience & inner strength during their Strong Mind session. They will discover the power they have to build an armour of strength to help protect them through the challenges they may face as they transition to High School. During this session students will also learn the importance of self care and self love and why it’s important to become your own best friend!

Strong Heart: Mindfulness

This session is a beautifully soothing session which includes a variety of techniques including therapeutic breathing, visualisation, mindfulness exercises and stress management. During this component of the workshop students will learn skills known to reduce stress, anxiety and worry, improve concentration, boost self-awareness and encourage self love and acceptance.

Workshop Cost:

Subway Lunch, Morning Tea and Afternoon Tea are included: $79


Standing Strong Total Wellness Club for Girls: 16/885 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park 6101

What to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable workout clothes including closed in shoes
  • Layered clothing
  • Yoga/workout mat
  • Towel
  • An open mind and kindness

Event Location

Standing Strong Wellness Club
16/885 Albany Hwy
East Victoria Park, WA, 6101

Event Fees

Lunch Included
AUD 79.00