Standing Strong has been a great experience for me. The thing I have enjoyed most is relaxing in yoga and the bonding circle. The yoga has taught me to relax and the bonding has taught me a lot about the girls and how our personalities are chosen. I am very grateful for this opportunity and would love to do it again


The meditation is really good, just to be able to relax. The connecting thing we did today I think really helped bring us together more as a year group. It eased any tension that was going on and was just really good. Thank you so much for everything!

Michaela Dowell

I loved learning about the different personalities because now I can relate to it in everyday life. New techniques to let go of things will be really helpful. My favourite part was looking at the candles and relaxing/yoga. Yoga helped me learn how to stretch and relax on a deeper level. I loved the chocolate too!

Kate Trezise

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to spend time with you and gain so much knowledge throughout my time here at Standing Strong. I loved how you taught us about our personalities and when and what to do when people are portraying these traits. I loved doing the yoga and the dancing exercises at the start, it is really something I’ve never had the opportunity to experience, so thank you! Once again thank you so much for giving me this opportunity


I really enjoyed this program. I loved how we were energised at the start, learnt something and then relaxed at the end. I liked the end where we did our gratefuls with candles. Learning things about the different types of personalities was really helpful. Overall this program is good because it has a mixture of things all in one that makes it so fun. Thank you so much!

Taylor Shaw

I think Standing Strong has really helped me understand friendships a whole lot better and really made me think about everyone a lot more. It is such a great idea and I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much for everything you taught me


The thing I enjoyed the most was making our promises with all our sisters and connecting and really having a heart-to-heart with all of the girls. I also really loved learning about everyones different personalities and how alike and different we all are from each other. I also really enjoyed just letting go of our grudges and burning our pieces of paper, thank you

Lauren Brindal