Thank you so much for the work that you have done with Sarah.  I am so grateful for your support and can’t believe how far she has come in such a short time.  I love that she has role models like you and the rest of the team.  She tells me that she wants to be just like you when she is an adult and is keen to study psychology so that she can also help young women.


“I look forward to coming here every morning, It’s where I can have fun and not be judged for being myself. I love how everyone’s so welcoming and so loving when I walk through the doors”

Aimee 12 years old

“Standing Strong is my absolute favourite place in the entire world. It’s my safe place. It has helped me with my confidence so much!”

Abby 14 years old

“I can feel safe and talk about my problems and be myself”

James 12 years old

“Standing Strong is EVERYTHING! It’s a confidence builder, it’s soooo much fun and great to relax and let off steam from a busy day of school”

Matthew 12 years old

“For me Standing Strong means a place for me to be myself and speak what I think, a place for me to talk to someone about any problem I’m having”

Renae 13 years old

“Standing Strong is a place I can let loose. I can talk to people if I have something wrong. I love Standing Strong and the way I feel safe and happy here”

Kellie 12 years old

When I come here I feel special and it’s just so much fun being here. They help me get through tough things. I love all the mentors and love everything about the Club

Lisa 12 years old

“Standing Strong means lots of fun and acceptance”

Kelly 15 years old

“Standing Strong means a lot to me. It is somewhere I can chill, get fit and talk about my problems. The mentors are the sweetest and most trustworthy people and I love them. Even if I have been away for a while I always have a place to come back to”

Becky 12 years old