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Confidence: How does it come so easy to some people?


Hey girls!

So Confidence…some people say that we are either born with it, or not… WELL that is most certainly not true! Confidence is something that is learned, it is practiced and it is something that comes a long with feeling good about yourself.

Now how do we go about feeling good about ourselves, good enough to seem confident, well girls this may not happen over night, but it is possible to learn how to be confident!

At Standing Strong we have put together some tips on how to become more and more confident:

  • FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT: Who has heard this one before? Girl’s it works! How, you may ask? Well, once we have gotten over the nerves related to walking around with confidence and being sure in ourselves, it slowly starts to become natural to you.
  • START FEELING GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF: This sounds like a difficult task, but it’s not so tough! Take time out to do things you love, practice self care, eat food that’s good for you, make sure you’re exercising (even if it’s walking from time to time) and most of all, just be kind to yourselves girls. The more you like yourself, the more you invite others to like you!
  • SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE: Make sure you are spending time with people that help you to feel good about yourself! Sometimes we forget that our friends are supposed to be there to support us and build us up, NOT tear us down or judge us! Find your people!!! The people that make you feel worthy and awesome!
  • ï CONFIDENCE DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO BE A DIVA: Girls there is a difference between attention seeking and being confident. You will often find that those girls that are being over confident and acting a bit like they are demanding attention.

Girls, remember, not everyone is born with confidence and this outgoing, positive, strong energy. Sometimes, and most times confidence is a thing that you learn. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and go for what you want! The moment you break out of that comfort zone, that’s the moment you grow that little bit stronger and more confident!

If you would like any more inspiration to build your confidence, or would like to hear stories of other girls’ confidence building journeys, please head on over to our Club Site: www.standingstrong.club

Self-Love is Not Selfish!