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Do I have Anxiety?

Hello beautiful girls, today we thought we would give you all a little more information about Anxiety! Anxiety is a word that is used so commonly these days, so at Standing Strong, we thought we would give you girls a little bit more information about what it is and how it presents itself in teens and adults What is Anxiety? Anxiety can be described as an UNCOMFORTABLE feeling, usually relating to an event or situation. This event or situation could either be something that is going to happen, something that has already happened or something that your mind has come up with all by itself (our imaginations getting ahead of us). At times our mind is very good at creating situations that may happen in

Confidence: How does it come so easy to some people?

Hey girls! So Confidence…some people say that we are either born with it, or not… WELL that is most certainly not true! Confidence is something that is learned, it is practiced and it is something that comes a long with feeling good about yourself. Now how do we go about feeling good about ourselves, good enough to seem confident, well girls this may not happen over night, but it is possible to learn how to be confident! At Standing Strong we have put together some tips on how to become more and more confident: FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT: Who has heard this one before? Girl’s it works! How, you may ask? Well, once we have gotten over the nerves related to walking around

What is Self-Harm?

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Hi beautiful girls, now we know the topic of self-harm can be a hard one to talk about and a bit confronting to bring up…BUT it is a topic you may hear about at school, at home or in other environments around other teens. Let’s cover the basics: What is Self-harm? Self-harm is described as people hurting their bodies on purpose. Common types of self harm are; Cutting (skin on thighs/arms/wrists), repetitive picking at wounds and scars, self-hitting, burning the skin, or overdosing on medication, drugs or other harmful substances DELIBERATELY. According to Headspace Australia around 10% of adolescents say they have self-harmed at least once. For some teens the self-harm may be a one-off behavior, but for others it may become a repetitive behavior

Self-Love is Not Selfish!

Hello beautiful girls! Do you sometimes feel like doing nice things or saying nice things to yourself is a bit out of the ordinary for you? Well you are not the only one. It is so normal for teen girls these days to compliment other people, go out of our way to do kind things for friends, but when it comes to treating ourselves or speaking to ourselves… well let’s be honest… it can be quite negative! Now this may have something to do with our lack of self-esteem or confidence, BUT these are definitely things we can change! Why do you think that is? Why do you think that we do not place high importance on our self-esteem?  Should we not be as kind

My Emotions Are Taking Over

Do you ever feel as though when you’re emotional (sad, lonely, anxious, angry or anything in between) it takes over your whole head and body? It is so common for teen girls, and anyone for that matter to feel overwhelmed with emotions at times…you are not alone! At times when our emotions become overwhelming, we may feel as though we don’t have control over what we say or even our actions. You may get this feeling of helplessness, or like you are outside of your body looking in on what you’re doing, but can’t do anything about it. We’ve put together some tips for you on how to deal with this overwhelming feeling: Remove yourself from any environment that may be making you feel these

Help your daughter find her inner strength

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“My low self-esteem is starting to interfere with my life and prevent me from doing things I love. How can I learn to worry about myself less?” “People are just waiting for me to mess up so they can spread gossip and lies about me” “I was bullied at my last school and since moving schools it’s happening again. Why can’t I make friends? Is there something wrong with me?” These are the deep, honest, real thoughts coming from teenage girls. These are actual statements from the 11-14 year olds that contributed to our Girl Talk suggestions box when asked what they would like to discuss in our classes. They are typical, average kids who are going to school and have good families and appear

Information Event for Families

Would you like to learn more about Standing Strong and our programs? Would you like to meet our team and see what goes on inside our Club? Do you have a daughter aged 11-17 years who would benefit from: Improved confidence & self-esteem Improved communication skills Greater understanding of her emotions and thought processes Access to inspiring and supportive role models New friends and a wider support network Improved health & well-being Greater resilience & self-belief If yes then this is the perfect opportunity for you both to come along and experience the magic of Standing Strong first hand. On Saturday 8th August from 12noon-1pm we will be hosting an intimate information event for families and we invite you to come along. During this special one hour event we will be

Benefits of Meditation for Teens

As we all know, the teenage years are some of the most stressful and confusing times of our lives. There are so many factors contributing to the way teens feel from their school environment, friendships, family life, to the biological changes going on in their bodies. Learning to manage these stressors and find balance can be extremely difficult, for both teens and parents. At standing Strong we believe in using natural alternatives to ease the physical, emotional and biological challenges of the teen years. This is where meditation comes in. It is more than just sitting quietly, it is a development of mindful awareness. What specific benefits can mediation provide? Improves concentration. According to studies conducted, meditation can actually improve how quickly and clearly brain cells communicate with one another

Body-Image Holiday Workshop

For many girls the simple act of looking at themselves in the mirror each morning is almost too much to handle. For many, their morning routine begins with feeling uncomfortable, ugly, fat, too big, too small, thinking their skin is too pale, too dark, their hair is too thick, too fine, too curly, too straight… The list goes on. For most girls, this negative and often painful morning ritual sets the standard for their day. For many girls it feels impossible to think of something they truly like about their bodies. This negative self-image can lead to huge implications including low confidence and self-esteem, unhealthy eating habits, stress and anxiety, low self-worth, high risk behaviour including drinking alcohol and even sexualised behaviour. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of resources to help

The new school year

For most girls their week started a little something like this… They put their school uniform on with more excitement and enthusiasm than they had shown for weeks. It was fresh and new and they loved the sense of sophistication and confidence they felt when they put it on. They had been counting down the days and eagerly awaiting the moment they could get back to school to see their friends. They had set their alarm early and had packed their bag the night before ready to start the day with ease. When it was time to head out, they flung their bag over their shoulder and danced out the door with Taylor Swift singing in their ears. The day was theirs. It was the

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