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Body Ignite is a fun, active and energised class with a mix of dance and fitness. It includes cardio, strength training, toning and dance. Body Ignite is the perfect combination of easy to do dance fitness moves and awesome music with no pressure to get everything right! There’s no competitions, no levels, no testing or grading, we just pump the music, turn on the disco lights and move! Class includes styles such as Zumba™, free style aerobics and Konga™, Burn™ and Jagua™ by The Jungle Body™.


  • Improves cardio & aerobic fitness
  • Increases muscle flexibility & mobility
  • Improves coordination & balance
  • Enhances self esteem & body image
  • Boosts ‘feel good’ hormones
  • Encourages self care & physical wellbeing
  • Encourages self love and body confidence
  • It is non competitive, motivating and empowering!


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