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    At Standing Strong we are focused on building strong, healthy and long lasting relationships.


Standing Strong means so much to me. It is a place where I feel safe, included and happy. I go to great lengths to get here because I love spending time with the other girls and mentors. It also makes my day 100%

Member 17 years old

Standing Strong is a place where I can be happy, free, and myself. A place where I feel loved andappreciated. I look forward to coming here every week and always enjoy coming here. I love the people and

Member 16 years old

Standing Strong means a lot to me. It is somewhere I can chill, get fit and talk about my problems. The mentors are the sweetest and most trustworthy people and I love them. Even if I have been away for a while I always have a place to come back to.

Member 12 years old

No matter what side of the bed I wake up on, Standing Strong is always there to make me smile. If it’s the amazing mentors or bubbly attitude or the many relationships I have made at the Club, there’s no way I’m walking through those doors without turning my frown upside-down.

Member 13 years old

Standing Strong is like another home to me, like a place where I can be myself, I love this place!


Member 10 years old

“To the Standing Strong ladies, I would like to thank you all so much for your love, support, inspiration and positive words of wisdom that you have given my daughter, Chelsea. When she started she was suffering from very low self-esteem and anxiety. It was a real challenge getting her out of the house, let alone go to school.

Through your programs she has improved AMAZINGLY! I would like to thank you all for helping to get my beautiful girl back on track. Your program has really been a godsend to Chelsea and our whole family. You are all truly wonderful ladies who do such a great job with your support. You are fantastic role models for all the young girls.

I would encourage any other parent whose daughter is suffering or struggling to believe how special she really is to bring her to your inspirational Standing Strong Club. I’m so glad I did! Thank you, from Sue”.

Sue Kelly - Parent

Standing Strong is EVERYTHING! It’s a confidence builder, it’s soooo much fun and great to relax and let off steam from a busy day of school.

Member 12 years old

Girls Standing Strong has made a big difference to my girls lives. My youngest daughter 11yrs, was totally shattered and suffered from anxiety after being bullied. Girls standing strong brought her out of her shell. She is setting goals and trying new things. She looks forward to her classes every week. The warmth that comes when you come thru the door is amazing. The leaders and mentors are amazing at making you feel at home. If you have a daughter that is shy or suffers from anxiety when she meets new people bring her along to Girls Standing Strong, I highly recommend it. You will be welcomed with a hug and a smile. Your daughter will feel right at home within minutes.

Jane Donnelly - Parent

It is with much reluctance that I write this review for Standing Strong in West Perth. I am conflicted because while I have only great things to say about Standing Strong I also don’t want to rave about it because I think it is the best kept secret in Perth for young girls and teens.

My daughter has been attending 2 evenings a week for 3 weeks now and I feel as though I am seeing her personality just bloom. She has become so much more confident, and it’s a true inner confidence too. She has become more self-aware and also is more loving of herself in that she wants to nourish her body instead of living off junk food, she wants to be more active, her self-talk has become kinder and easier going and she just has a zest for life I have not seen in her for a long time.

The bullying she has been experiencing for 6 months at school is still there, the difference is that it doesn’t seem to touch her anymore. Yesterday she was telling me about another incidence of bullying that was aimed at her and she told me that she didn’t care, it didn’t bother her and she was just going to be happy and love life regardless of any one’s opinion about that.

I reiterate this huge change has happened in just three weeks, I would have expected this to take many months. I can only put this change down to the wonderful staff and program and other girls at Standing Strong that make my daughters experience there so wonderful, and of course my daughter’s willingness to take on what she learns there and become the best person she can be. Standing Strong is the highlight of her week and she counts down the days until she goes back.

So do me a favour and don’t tell anyone about Standing Strong, it has become my daughter’s home away from home and Mumma D is already her second Mum. We don’t really want to share how wonderful this place and program is and especially how wonderful the staff are. We’d really like to keep it for ourselves, Mel.

Mel - Parent

When I come here I feel special and it’s just so much fun being here. They help me get through tough things. I love all the mentors and love everything about the Club.

Member 12 years old

I want to take this opportunity to tell you the benefits that I believe Standing Strong has contributed to my daughter.  Louise started attending Standing Strong because her self-confidence and self-esteem was low due to her learning disabilities.  Last year I had her doing private tutoring with Dyslexia SPELD to help her catch up in the classroom, Louise found this tutoring difficult and it only put more pressure on her.  This year I decided to let go of the private tutoring and focus on her confidence, hence starting up with Standing Strong.  

I have been informed at a recent parent teacher meeting, that Louise’s learning levels in the classroom has increased by 2 years!!!  She is still behind but at least not so far behind anymore and I believe that the confidence Louise has gained through Standing Strong has contributed to this literacy gain in the classroom, as she has had no private tutoring this year!!  

Therefore thank you Standing Strong, keep doing what your doing 😊

Kind regards,

Ellie Fraser.

Ellie Fraser - Parent

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